It would seem that I have been thrust into the blogosphere by my good friend April. I thought that I should write a little introductory post. I’m N… a white guy in my mid-late twenties who works in a reasonably successful (whatever that means) career, taking some night classes in pursuit of an undergraduate degree (Hopefully to also learn something?), and trying to be a conscientious human being.

In the context of this blog, a feminist blog focusing on ethics and ecological responsibility, I hope to have conversations with many of you regarding practical ways to subvert unjust, particularly sexist, institutions and related prejudice. I’m pretty good at the armchair philosophy, the theory, and the abstract. It is the application of those lofty ideals I have a hard time with.

I’m sure my various English teachers would cringe at that run-on sentence so I am going to stop before I do further disservice to the English language. I hope you all enjoy what I write and that we learn from each other.

Till next,

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