Who’s 17? Edward is a 108-year-old vampire, and the actor who plays him is 23.

…Just sayin’.

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10 Responses to Double-standard?

  1. A.Y. Siu says:

    So if there were a movie with a hot 17-year-old-looking female character who is “really” 108 years old and played by a 23-year-old actress, it’d be okay for 40-year-old men to be screaming about her?

    • cacophonies says:

      The post was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, totally. I really do get the double standard that the sign is trying to illustrate. I just wanted to, as a woman who’s shamefully read the Twilight series, light-heartedly point out a flaw in the way that the argument is made.

      Here’s the thing: Yes, using logic and reason, it would be “okay.” Realistically? People would definitely judge them differently. The 40-year-old women are seen as harmless, and the 40-year-old men would be seen as predatory. I don’t think that’s right at all. I just can’t decide if I think that 20-something men and women should be able to be freely lusted after by middle-aged people equally as often, or if I think that middle-aged people should really stop actively lusting after 20-somethings, period.

  2. ballgame says:

    Whoa … there’s a big difference between having sex with a 17-year old and having sex with a “20-something”! Why would it be wrong to actively lust after a 20-something??

    • Danny says:

      While there would be nothing wrong with it legally ballgame this does get into the territory where men lusting for women that are much younger than themselves are called perverts and women that lust for men men that are much younger than themselves are sexually liberated “cougars”.

      It seems that people judge whether something is okay or not based on the who instead of the what. This seems to happen a lot with gender.

    • cacophonies says:

      I don’t really think there is anything wrong with it, contrary to the last line of my comment you’re responding to, after having thought about it a little more. If everyone is an adult, who cares?

  3. Andrea says:

    Oh no, men don’t lust after 17-looking-23-year-olds in (for example) porn magazines ever. Totally. There’s such a stigma over it. Poor menz!!

    • N says:

      Are oppossed groups immune to criticism simply because an opressive group is guilty of the same behavior? That seems what you are suggesting in your eloquent ‘lolspeak’. “I can haz intellectually honest criticism?”

    • cacophonies says:

      I deleted the comment I wrote in response because I wasn’t sure I correctly understood the reply’s intended audience, FYI.

    • Danny says:

      Yeah this definitely sounds like a case of “Since you might have some privilege in some facets of life you deserve to be mistreated in others!”

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