I need a Breathalyzer for my laptop

A few weeks ago, I stopped by Target on my lunch break. I was in the book section and came across Glenn Beck’s Arguing With Idiots. I picked it up and leafed through it a bit. I’d been listening to him every other morning or so at work to see what all the fuss was about, so I knew what his whole shtick was.

The content of the book is colorful and cartoonish, which I think is fun and inviting, and I was thisclose to buying it, just for laughs. I mean, why not? Plus, I’m obsessive about keeping tabs on things/politicians/celebrities/ideologies that I hate. I’ve been known to buy Cosmo for this reason.

Anyway, I ultimately decided that I was not going to give this man any of my money, and I sighed and put it down. I had gotten Ann Coulter’s Godless from the library, so I thought that if I really cared enough about what Glenn Beck has to say, I’ll do the same with his books.

Well. Last weekend, as we were finishing off the leftover booze form the party the previous night, I may have had, I don’t know, a few too many… and went on a little Amazon shopping spree. I bought all kinds of great books that I look forward to reading, but also managed to apparently lose any principles I had, and yesterday, I received Glenn Beck’s: Arguing With Idiots, An Inconvenient Book, and Common Sense.

Yeah. I got drunk and actually willingly gave money to Glenn Beck.

I’ve decided that I will certainly read these books, because I own them now, and then I will mutilate them in one way or another and make an art project about it. I’ll be sure to post a picture.

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6 Responses to I need a Breathalyzer for my laptop

  1. David K says:

    I think at some point in our lives, we have all wished our laptops had breathalysers on them…

    • April says:

      I thought Google was on that shit. Weren’t they the ones who were about to release an actual “drunk test” for email? The thing is, though, email really isn’t the problem. It’s social networking sites, online shopping sites, and blog comment spaces (for me, anyway). I’ve written some high-ass comments on Feministing and other sites, read them the next day, sympathized with the people yelling at me because of how poorly-stated my arguments were, and just made the decision to pretend I never wrote any of it.

  2. Danny says:

    And this is why I stay away from my computer when I’ve had…a few too many. If I fucked around and ended up with a copy of “It’s a Jungle Out There” by Amanda Marcotte I’d have to burn the damn thing, freak out, delete the account I bought it with, and freak out some more.

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