What I’m reading: blogroll recommendations edition

Howdy everyone. I’ve been blog-surfing for a while this evening (oh, who am I kidding, blog-surfing is my standard mode), and stumbled across Kloncke, where I saw a post of hers introducing a new blogroll member. I thought, Well, this is a fantastic idea! I’ll start with a few for now, which I hope you’ll all check out.

FeministCritics is a blog that I have a sort of love/hate relationship with. As a self-described feminist, I believe it is important to engage with our critics. In fact, I believe that it is always important to engage with our critics, regardless of who we are and who the critics may be. The blog itself has great content, from the perspective of someone who is looking for more information from “the other side.” The writers on FeministCritics, while obviously critical of feminism as an entity, are, from what I have gathered in the year or so that I’ve kept up with the blog, quite interested in equality between men, women, and everyone in-between or outside of that binary. Some of the regular commenters, on the other hand, are obnoxious to someone well-versed in feminist theory, which is why I tend to avoid commenting, unless I find it absolutely pertinent. From FeministCritics, I’ve learned a great deal about male-on-male violence, inequality and injustice in the court systems in regards to divorce and custody battles, and the negative impacts that “patriarchy” has on men.

I was turned on to The Innocent Smith Journal because the author is a longtime friend of my husband’s, and I am now a regular reader because, man, InnocentSmith is a fantastic writer. His posts vary: Catholicism, healthcare, Islam, the economy, and other progressive issues and current events as they arise. InnocentSmith has a natural gift in finding the common sense between opposing views and articulating them in such a way that you can’t help but at least consider an opposing side, and oftentimes gain quite a bit of understanding. While we have some ideological differences, I gain a great deal from reading this blog.

Naked If I Want To is a (mostly) weekly series of introspective, poetic posts about the experiences of being women from two authors who are in their thirties and fifties. They each write in uniquely different ways, and with immense bravery, about some of the most difficult memories and experiences they’ve had, as well as some of the most beautiful moments in their lives. Their unabashed honesty is refreshing, as well as sometimes emotionally jarring. I find myself in awe at how beautifully they articulate what are at once personal and universal moments in the lives of girls and women.

Walter the Miracle Pug is sort of a random find. The author, who I have not actually met but feel like I may as well have, is the former girlfriend of my former boss and former colleague of my soon-to-be former neighbor, who wrote a book that I like quite a bit. The blog itself is centered around the adventures of her pug, Walter, and his recovery after a traumatic car accident. Apparently, Heather and Walter share a fairly large European following. I find it endearing that an entire blog is dedicated to the recovery of this adorable little pooch, and I have a soft spot for all things furry and canine. She’s a fun and engaging writer who makes even the most menial dog-caring-for tasks seem just a little bit hilarious.

I like Love Letters In Hell for purely narcissistic reasons: Amanda, the author of the blog, writes about as infrequently as I do, and about topics nuanced and analyzed in a way that pretty much speaks directly to me. I was turned onto her blog by way of this blog’s comments, on some post that I don’t remember, and have been a reader and infrequent commenter ever since. Her writing, while considerate and aware, is unapologetic and personal. I can relate to many of her relationship stories and personal reactions to various current events, newfangled technology, and dating/relationship anecdotes. She’s pretty rad.

I hope you’ll give these blogs a read, and there will be more to come in the near future!

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8 Responses to What I’m reading: blogroll recommendations edition

  1. ballgame says:

    FeministCritics is a blog that I have a sort of love/hate relationship with.

    You have a love/hate relationship with Feminist Critics? What a coincidence! So do I!


    (Thanks for the recommendation, April!)

    • Danny says:

      ballgame I think everyone has love/hate relationship with that site. The love and hate levels vary from person to person.

  2. Jim says:

    “Some of the regular commenters, on the other hand, are obnoxious to someone well-versed in feminist theory, ”

    What was that about you not being direct? This is a really good and to the point – substantive. Which ones and in what ways? I think I must have been here and there.

    • April says:

      TyphonBlue is the first example that comes to mind. (Is that even the right name? I’m sure if you’re a regular there, you know who I’m talking about.) I am not too familiar with the other regulars, other than one trans woman and the authors of the blog, but I tend to see more “I hate women” and “I hate feminists” types of comments there than I’m comfortable with. While a lot of the commenters there are interested in dialogue, the loudest and most frequent talkers are the ones who just want an excuse to bash feminists as a whole based on a few loud ones, like Melissa McEwan and Cara Kulwicki (both of whom I wish would shut the hell up and stop making the rest of us look like whiny, sarcastic victims of everything) who write bullshit and ban people from comment threads for asking relevant questions about things like female-on-male sexual assault of children.

      Oh, also, I’m much more comfortable being direct and to the point in writing and on the blogosphere than in “real life.” The recent blog post addressing that particular “flaw” of mine was in reference mostly to my personal, in-person life.

    • Jim says:

      It’s ironic that you find Typhon so off-putting, because I think you and she share a lot of common ground and in particular have a lot of similar criticisms of feminists. She is pretty strident because she is sick to death of the blatant misandry in the femisphere, especially around MGM, which is a personal issue for her – but she also hates the way men are treated in society in general and how that suffering is dismissed and derided by lots of internet feminists.

    • April says:

      Interestingly, I’m just now beginning to notice that, from the last thread I commented on about dads being entitled males.

    • Jim says:

      “but I tend to see more “I hate women” and “I hate feminists” types of comments there than I’m comfortable with. ”

      Anything on the order of “I loathe that blog, and MM makes it to the Number One spot my top-3 list of Most Obnoxious Feminist Bloggers.”?

      “There are some that really give the entirety of feminism a horseshit name.”

      Bingo, and that’s why your efforts here are so important. But remember when you see that kind of anti-feminism, it may not really be any more anti-feminst than you are.

  3. Motley says:

    FeministCritics is a blog that I have a sort of love/hate relationship with.

    I know the feeling.

    For what it’s worth, though, since I’ve been reading this place for a while, and occasionally recommending it to others, just wanted to say thanks. Followed a link here from FC, after being impressed by some of April’s comments over there.

    Don’t know if you already know this, April, but it might be worthwhile to stick to the NoH threads; that usually helps, I’ve found.

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