Things people Google to get to ethecofem, pt. 2

These gems are copied and pasted directly from the “stats” page.

neighbor screaming at you assault
iphone 7gss
straight curious men
“its all about the woman”
inactive men face to god’s privileges
verbal yelling can not be prosecuted
hipsters at war
how to get rid of jews in neighborhood
twilight double standards
lena svenson dating
make me straight

making fun of someone’s religion
who do we consider gay?
“michele bachmann” ugly bitch slut fuck
settlers of catan prostitutes
help a male misogynist
status updates wet and hard
what sort of weather do ladies prefer
‘wet and hard’ if you’re a rain lover
ok girlies – time for a new one! should
“all men are pigs”, the joke

poem why are fire engins red
i am synonymous with getting raped
am i clean for breathalyzer
breathlyzer for laptop
shave my head with a cheese grater and c (?!?!?!)
settlers of catan philosophy

My faves, in bold.

I’m surprised how often Googling Lena Svenson gets people here, likely to that post about KDWB’s morning show, when I ranted about Dave Ryan’s completely false allegation that no feminist or feminist groups were criticizing Chris Brown for assaulting Rihanna. I feel kinda bad now, because I’ve been listening more often, and Lena’s sense of humor on the show is growing on me. So, if you’re reading this, Lena, sorry about that! Didn’t mean to make everyone who Googles you get to a blog post ranting about how much you suck.

Oh, also, check out NOW Action Vice President Erin Matson’s latest blog post on Say It Sister, NOW’s blog. She offers a great feminist take on the latest well-criticized New York Times piece about how 20-something are lazy and unmotivated.

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2 Responses to Things people Google to get to ethecofem, pt. 2

  1. Ben says:

    Oh, dear niece, you made your old uncle feel nostalgic. How, you ask?

    KDWB-Channel 63

    That’s how they used to advertise and when you google you find hits for that.

    We used to listen to the Beatles and Dave Clark Five and other forgotten rock and roll treasures on KDWB and WDGY or WeeGee as it was called.

    This has nothing to do with your post but then much of the Internet is unconnected anyway.

    And now, after my oatmeal, it’s off to work!

  2. Jim says:

    “The Equal Rights Amendment, which simply states that constitutional protections should not be abridged or denied on the basis of sex, remains unratified as women are expected to have putative equality in the world.”

    If NOW is going to stop advocating against family law reform – child custody, divorce law, DV laws and more the ENFORCEMENT – that will disprivilege women, then this post on their site will mean something.

    So far that has not been their position. Then again, they have been going through a generational fight, so change may be in the offing.

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