Happy blogiversary, ethecofem!

As Danny has mentioned, today is ethecofem’s first birthday! A year ago today I wrote about my (now former) neighborhood and riding my bike around the city. Since then, I’ve written about all of the bloody marys I drank, I’ve bitched about stupid TV sitcoms, a few rants here and there and everywhere, gay marriage, religion, MRAs, stupid radio morning shows, language, and we had a fun little row about male vs. female privilege. Also board games, jokes, some douchebag who wrote about having sex with women who are sleeping, Superbowl commercials that I liked , I got married, wrote about food, I got mad at my blog, acquired several new co-bloggers, said bye to a couple, kids, stupid things that magazines write (Danny wrote one about the guys’ version of the same stupidity), a really stupid thing I found on YouTube, menstruation, I began my obsession with election seasons with a post about voting in the gubernatorial primary, how much banks suck, rhetoric, a critique of “Schrödinger’s Rapist,” and a bunch of other, more recent things.

I started this blog after I got fed up with NiceFeminist. Even though I’ve been blogging in some way or another for 9 years now, I’ve never managed to keep one blog address for more than a couple years. And I haven’t kept the same one for more than a year since that first one that I kept for a couple. So, this is a fun day.

Thanks to everyone who enjoys ethecofem and comes back to check out new posts and engage in fun and interesting discussions and debates in the comments. I like this blog a whole bunch because of all of the interesting, respectful, and intelligent people who comment and engage in these conversations.

Many more posts to come! (Actually, I’ll be trying to participate in November’s NaBloWriMo, so the goal is to write a post a day for a month– if I can manage to think of something to write every day!)

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  1. innocentsmithjournal says:


  2. ballgame says:

    Happy Birthday, ethecofem!

  3. Jim says:

    Congratulations and thank you for providing this space, and for your really insightful posts. You are the sane center.

    I looked at the last thread at NiceFeminist, the one about hormonal birth control, and I developed an even deeper respect for cacaphonies. Why does she not post here?

    • April says:

      Thank you, Jim!

      You are the sane center.

      That’s what I like to hear! 😀

      About cacophonies– she does post here! It’s me 🙂 I was posting as cacophonies when I was blogging at NiceFeminist. I think the way that I worded the sentence about NiceFeminist was confusing. I’ll change that. I’m glad you like the post about the Pill. That particular post, or rather the backlash that ensued in the comments and around the feminist Twittersphere, was what made me decide that I’d rather blog without the expectation of “niceness” in the name of the blog.

      I’ve changed my blogosphere “handle” a few times, finally deciding that my real name is probably the best way to go. I’ve also been “ethifem,” which was my short-lived choice of handle just after starting this blog, and also previously known around the feminist blogosphere as Lirpa and ApeLynn.

    • Jim says:

      Lirpa – the weapon they use on Vulcan in their mating duels – love it too much!

      I liked your ethical sense around human impact on other species, and the baklash did not surprise me. It is of a piece with people who are all about exposing injustice and denouncing it as long as it’s an injustice they are suffering, but who get all hostile either when the spotlight shiofts to someone else’s suffering – see much of the reaction tho the MRM – or when they might be accused of inflicting something on someone else. But no! I cannot be wrong! I am a victim, and victims are innocent! You are blaming the victim! Otherwise what point is there in being a victim?

    • April says:

      I didn’t know “Lirpa” was a real thing! Well, as real as a Star Wars weapon can be, anyway… I always just thought it was neat that my name backwards was pronounceable. 😉

      Turns out it’s also some kind of animal originating from the Midwest USA.

    • Danny says:

      Yeah this is where the fanboy comes out. Vulcans are from Star Trek, not Star Wars….

    • N says:

      Seriously… go say Vulcans are from Star Wars at a Sci Fi Convention… the scathing retorts would make the malevolence of the feminist blog-0-sphere seem like kittens bringing you baskets of daisies that can speak, and when they do speak say heart-warming, affirming things about you.

    • April says:

      Ummm I SO meant Star Trek… no, really… lol.

    • Jim says:

      Ah. so you were cacaphonies. Odd name. Caca Phonies is what i would have called some of those commenters.

  4. David K says:

    Ethecofem is probably my favourite blog at the moment due to it’s intellectual honesty and fresh thinking – I hope it continues for a good long time 🙂

  5. desipis says:


    I have to second the “intellectual honesty and fresh thinking” comment. Hope you can keep it up!

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