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AuspiciousScuttlebutt on the media, and in support of NPR. I’m a huge fan of NPR and my local member station, MPR, and I listen every day while I’m at work. I’ve been a member until only recently when I was just too broke to keep it up, and I have an almost religious devotion to the station. It’s weird how that works. Anyway, as I’ve also been thinking about media, the the decline of real, objective news, this post clearly explains the gist of the problem.

Melissa McEwan of Shakesville wrote disparagingly about Jon Stewart’s interview with Rachel Maddow. This post annoyed me greatly because, while many of the criticisms McEwan and others raise of Stewart were valid, I think his main point was largely missed, and seemingly intentionally, by people like McEwan who are all too eager to slap “privileged white dude” on the backs of any many people as they can, like they’ve got a quota or something. The media, on both the left and the right of the spectrum of political ideologies represented, play a negative role in perpetuating the bullshit fear and intolerance sweeping the nation in an era when our lack of social progress is shamefully behind the times and fails to even make logical sense. While there may not be a media organization that represents the leftist politics favored by McEwan, the media we’ve got is only contributing to the problem, and there are plenty of lefties to hold accountable, too.

Twitter was trending #tweetingmy16yearoldself a week or so ago, and I participated. I believe I told myself not to bother with art school. Well, AndieGoddessofPickles has a post up expanding on that idea. I’ll probably post one of a similar nature in the next few days, because that sounds like fun.

Also: I quit my soul-sucking cube-farm job at the morally bankrupt national bank I’ve been working for for 3 years. My last day is Friday, where I’ll celebrate my departure at happy hour with my favorite coworkers. I’m beyond thrilled. After that, I’ll be volunteering to help with the recount efforts on Mark Dayton’s “team.” To say I’m eagerly anticipating the much-needed change of pace would be an understatement.

What are you reading/what have you written? Post links, or responses to the aforementioned articles, in the comments!

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