Do you have a shopping weakness?

Okay I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday and, as happens anytime I’m in a bookstore, I had to seriously fight off the desire to buy a whole lot more than what I went in there for (I was looking for Percy Jackson books 3 and 4).

Its always been like that. Curiosity has always been one of my biggest faults and unlike performing acts like pressing “that button” or “trying ____” reading it in a book is relatively safe. So you see reading something allows me to answer questions without much fear of ill side effects. That’s why I literally own more books than I will probably ever read.

Another example. A few months ago my local Boy Scout troop did a used book sale. I decided this would be a good chance to get rid of some of the books that were piling up in my possession. (I chose to donate my copies Harry Potter books 1-4. I had them in hard cover and had been totally unable to find books 5-7 with matching variant covers. Yes I am that picky about my books that if its a series I must have the entire set in matching covers or I won’t get them all.) Well I was busy all week long and ended up not being able to donate the books until the day of the sale. Tell me why I took 4 books in to donate and ended up buying 7 books at the sale. Fail.

So I ask you. Is there one particular item that you have to fight off the urge to buy? Shoes? Coats? Games?

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10 Responses to Do you have a shopping weakness?

  1. andie says:

    Books are a big one for me as well.. the cheaper the books the worse it is.. I can walk into chapters and buy one book. But if I go into a second-hand bookstore, it’s more like 3-4 at a time.. yard sales it’s a good half-dozen.

    When I was in university, we’d talk about all these books in our lectures and I’d pick them up with the intent of reading them. Of course, in school you have all the stuff you HAVE to read which becomes a priority. Then, when I finally graduated, my brain was so fried from overuse that all i wanted to read was Jackie Collins’ type trash novels. So I have a lot of unreads now.

    Otherwise though, I don’t have many of these.. I’m a pretty pathetic tightwad LOL

  2. April says:

    It’s books for me, too. I cannot go into a bookstore, especially a used one, and not come out with way more than I intended to. Like andie said, if the book is super cheap, I pretty much have to buy it. I went to Half Price Books last week to sell some old books that I didn’t read anymore, and ended up getting this $1 Noam Chomsky book that looked way too dense to me after skimming through it a bit, but it was $1!!

    I’ll buy a book about pretty much anything, too. I figure that the more perspectives I can read, the better, but the problem is that I never end up reading these books. I have piles and piles of books that I thought would be really interesting to read, and then forgot about them and bought more books.

    I’m the same way about book covers, too, especially with Harry Potter. I got into the series just after the 6th book came out but had all the prior ones in paperback. I didn’t want to wait to read it, so I borrowed the hardcover and bought the paperback later. I do the same thing with other books by the same authors. I prefer them all to be either paperback or hardcover, but no mix within the series…

  3. Melissa says:

    Music. Scores, not recordings.

  4. tanqueray77 says:

    Music CD’s… although that’s slowly changing now that I have neither an Electric Fetus nor an Amoeba to be spoiled by. Damn mp3’s.

  5. Ben says:

    Original cast recordings (it’s the musical theatre geek in me). We have a great used CD store in Manhattan just a few blocks from the apartment. I don’t buy as many as I used to but I certainly go there too frequently and usually come away with something.

  6. theradgal says:

    Books! I don’t go gaga for much, but I can totally binge on books. Books, varying shades of nearly identical pale pink nail polish, office supplies, and cheap flats are my weaknesses. I’m trying to overcome them!

  7. Amanda says:

    Nail polish and the dollar bin at my favorite used bookstore.

    Also, cheese. Can’t go to the grocery store, even to just get eggs, or meat, or a veggie, or even just to get booze, without getting cheeeeese.

  8. Beautifamous says:

    Well if we’re basing this on items and not the actual stores I’d have to say books, shirts, and adult toys.

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