About April


April is an egalitarian feminist. She’s interested in, and therefore tends to write about, gender issues, LGBT rights, and consumer rights, among other things. She is also a student, married, in her twenties, and is a reluctant suburbanite living in the Twin Cities Metro Area. She misses Minneapolis.

She is obsessed with politics and really likes good microbrews, reading, and memorizing things. She hates being cold, the sound of food squishing around in people’s mouths, and referring to herself in the third person.

April can also be found on Twitter, where she mostly just retweets news articles she finds interesting, and YouTube, where she uploads really pointless, terrible-quality videos from her phone or webcam. She can also be observed doing things while looking away from the camera.

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5 Responses to About April

  1. innocentsmithjournal says:

    Hey April, can you make ethecofem available as an RSS Feed? (There should be a widget for this.) I use Google Reader for most of my blog reading, so an RSS would help me keep up with your posts.

    • April says:

      Sounds like a good idea. I’m trying to figure it out now. It’s asking me for an RSS feed URL, which I’m a little confused about because it seems like it should be different than my blog address, but the WordPress FAQs seem to have that covered. I’ll dig a little deeper and try to get that added onto the site tonight.

  2. innocentsmithjournal says:

    I’ve got a fever and the only cure is an RSS feed 🙂

  3. innocentsmithjournal says:

    That worked. Thanks!

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