About Danny

Ah the About Me page. I’ve been invited to become a regular here so I better start acting like a regular and put up some info (well that and I think cacophonies might just throw something up if I don’t do it myself). Well to start if you don’t know I hail from Danny’s Corner where I’ve been blogging since about June 2008. I originally started blogging when I kept reading people posting on other blogs saying, “Why don’t you start your own blog?” Well I do have a lot of ideas swirling in my head and in this day and age just about anyone can be a blogger so I decided to go for it. A big part of what got me blogging was human rights specifically in terms of gender. While most of what I post focuses on men I’m a fence sitter when it comes to whole MRA/Feminist label thing. I just haven’t seen enough from either side to choose one. But beyond gender I also post on race, music, video games, japanese anime, after years of aggravation have started to take up an interest in hair care and anything else that tickles my fancy. But don’t be afraid to come over and ask for more info.

Edit 12-07-09:  I suppose it would do to put up a contact email address would it not?  By all means it is dannybois.corner—at—gmail—dot—com.


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