About Kristi

I’m Kristi. I’ve been married for over 22 years to the half Sicilian love of my life and best friend (groan, from the only moderately happy married people.) Obviously, we have three genius children who, for unknown reasons, have problems with ignorant or immoral authority. Our oldest is a 21-year-old sober, gay, fundraising-for-nonprofits, change-the-world son. We have another son; he’s 11 years old with Peter Frampton hair and animal “straydar” that has an impressive 2 mile radius for abandoned kittens. Our lovely daughter is 19 years old, and is a straight, working student, human-stray-rescuer, and all around LGBTQ ally. They matter, not just because they take up most of my heart, but because my children really made me who I am, far more than I did them. Though the two oldest don’t live at home, it’s plenty full with three and a half dogs (long story), four cats, and a guinea pig. My careers have focused largely on marketing in fields that range from photography, to church evangelism director, to sex toy sales. The last several years have been filled with spiritual endeavors, including tarot cards, spiritual sexuality, and even ghost hunting. My passion has always been to write, though I haven’t found that there’s a huge demand for sarcastic, inappropriate, yet real life discussions about sex, religion, and society. Whether as a middle-aged wife, a mother, a daughter, or a friend, my perspective comes from decades of both grueling and fabulous life experiences. Raised by near-hippies, and being both a teacher’s and a preacher’s kid, I’m currently a flaming liberal living in the buckle of the Bible Belt. In summing up my writing, a friend says that I want to tell the whole world the kind of stuff that most people talk about privately. So, any subject you might get around to covering after a few drinks, or a few tokes, while baring your soul in an embarrassment free zone, is exactly the kind of thing I’m inclined to write about…while sober.


1 Response to About Kristi

  1. pj says:

    Kristi — you crack me up…..and I didn’t know Byron was half Sicilian. No wonder your kids are so beautiful and so passionate! Love it how you managed to use sex toys and church evangelism director in the same sentence.

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