About Kissie Catastrophe

Hello watchers of the interwebs! I’m Kissie. I’m new here, although I’ve posted in the past. Since you may not remember me, here’s what I figure you should know:

1. I am a feminist of the third-wave/ riot grrrl variety, but have definitely been influenced by radical feminism as well.

2. I care a lot about LGBTQ issues, partially due to the fact that I am “Q”.

3. I am a giant liberal/progressive/socialist and am not a fan of class oppression. This is definitely related to my financial status of “abject poverty” and my frequent flirtations with homelessness.

4. Being a member of several oppressed groups makes me concerned for all oppressed people, therefore I find things like xenophobia and racism to be stupid.

5. I’m 31, single, childless and pet-less. I like these things a lot and don’t want them to change.

6.       Things I like include: political agitation, fancy cheeses, using anger constructively, art, fashion, writing, reading and being a loudmouth.

There’s a whole lot more to me than this, but it’s the most concise synopsis I can be bothered with at the moment.

So, with that out of the way, I look forward to virtually talking to you further about all things feminist soon!


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