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Hey! You!

If you’re still subscribed to this blog over here on WordPress, you’ll want to change the address to All content and comments have been moved over to that site, and we’re up and running. We won’t be updating this … Continue reading

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New site

We’re up and running over at the Blogger site. It should be again soon, but in the meantime, please update any subscriptions or reader feeds to

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We’re moving

I’m moving ethecofem to Blogger so I can better customize the layout of the blog, and we’ll be using Disqus for comments over there, so sign up if you aren’t already registered! It’s really, really simple and easy. We should … Continue reading

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We don’t need no education

Well, I don’t really believe that. At all. But I am starting to wonder if it is at all necessary to participate in said education in a brick and mortar building. Of course, lots of people before me have pondered … Continue reading

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Girls and their gas stations

When I was 19, I worked as a cashier at SuperAmerica. It was, by far, the most obnoxiously boring job I have ever had in my life. That is, until I got my very first Gas Station Stalker. You see, … Continue reading

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Is refusing to date interracially racist?

Nadra Kareem Nittle of Bitch Magazine recalls a friend who is Latina who only wishes to date men who share her ethnic background. Would my friend’s dating pool expand if she chose not to solely date Latinos? Probably. Is she … Continue reading

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Outing assholes on the internet

A while back, a girl made a Facebook page accusing a guy at her school of being a rapist. A longer while back, the website Girl Don’t Date Him was used not to post pictures of pink bras on large … Continue reading

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