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We don’t need no education

Well, I don’t really believe that. At all. But I am starting to wonder if it is at all necessary to participate in said education in a brick and mortar building. Of course, lots of people before me have pondered … Continue reading

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Women and Wine: A Feminist-Friendly Pairing?

This post is from Most Wine Is Good. I’ll answer the question first, and expound second.  Yes.  The world of wine is certainly an exemplary account of women breaking barriers and uniting for positive change.  The examples are numerous, and … Continue reading

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Nothing is free in this market.

The term “free-market economy” is a misnomer. The name is intended to refer to the fact that if someone wishes to do something to make money, that they have the freedom to pursue that opportunity without impediments. However, what is … Continue reading

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How to make your relationship better: pretend you live in the 1950’s!

As women have begun to be more present in high-earning careers such as business and law, among others, more and more articles are published about how (heterosexual) women can’t find men to form relationships with who aren’t intimidated, or made … Continue reading

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The problem with makeup

Since my last day at my soul-sucking job two weeks ago at the morally bankrupt financial institution where I was employed for three years, I have yet to put on any makeup. I’ve written about the topic before, and gone … Continue reading

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Do you have a shopping weakness?

Okay I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday and, as happens anytime I’m in a bookstore, I had to seriously fight off the desire to buy a whole lot more than what I went in there for (I was looking … Continue reading

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FDA proposes ban on the sale of menthol cigarettes

The FDA is considering banning the sale of menthol-flavored cigarettes. This has been met with opposition from many sides, many of which are African American groups: On Monday, the debate among African American organizations burst into the open after the … Continue reading

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