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Women and Wine: A Feminist-Friendly Pairing?

This post is from Most Wine Is Good. I’ll answer the question first, and expound second.  Yes.  The world of wine is certainly an exemplary account of women breaking barriers and uniting for positive change.  The examples are numerous, and … Continue reading

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Ali Carr-Chellman On Re-engaging Boys In Learning

I’ll admit at first I had a pretty evil thought about this video but after letting that pass I concluded that there is some good stuff going on here and a lot that I agree with. Damn shame it doesn’t … Continue reading

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A lot of words are collectively agreed to be off-limits to feminists, including “bitch,” “cunt,” “slut,” and a myriad of other words that are said to be female-specific with no male equivalent. If there is no male equivalent for an … Continue reading

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Douthat abortion fail

Aside from the other critiques around the blogosphere today of Ross Douthat’s head-bangingly frustrating column, I also found some glaring inconsistencies, and rather problematic themes he’s got going on. I appreciated his arguably (and rather surprisingly) compassionate response to the … Continue reading

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Can porn be feminist?

Since this is my first official post, I figured I may as well start off with an issue that people hold very strong opinions on: PORNOGRAPHY! As a feminist, I find the current state of mainstream (and most non-mainstream) pornography … Continue reading

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Cohabitation and Personal Change

I was talking with a co-worker this afternoon, and she mentioned how after so much time with her S.O. she was beginning to feel that “everything you do irritates me” feeling.  I know this feeling.  Fortunately, and thanks in no … Continue reading

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Unmarried men more excited about potential unplanned pregnancies than their girlfriends

It seems that men are more excited by the idea of an unplanned pregnancy than their girlfriends: I would venture to guess that if it were men who were biologically predisposed to do the fetus-gestating for 9 months and worry … Continue reading

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