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Women and Wine: A Feminist-Friendly Pairing?

This post is from Most Wine Is Good. I’ll answer the question first, and expound second.  Yes.  The world of wine is certainly an exemplary account of women breaking barriers and uniting for positive change.  The examples are numerous, and … Continue reading

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Outing assholes on the internet

A while back, a girl made a Facebook page accusing a guy at her school of being a rapist. A longer while back, the website Girl Don’t Date Him was used not to post pictures of pink bras on large … Continue reading

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The unreality of politically-motivated crimes in the Millennial Generation

I was born in 1983, making me too young to remember (or have been alive for) any American political assassination or assassination attempts. Hell, I wasn’t even around when John Lennon was killed, and only barely remember Selena’s murder, and … Continue reading

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Douthat abortion fail

Aside from the other critiques around the blogosphere today of Ross Douthat’s head-bangingly frustrating column, I also found some glaring inconsistencies, and rather problematic themes he’s got going on. I appreciated his arguably (and rather surprisingly) compassionate response to the … Continue reading

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Minnesota lawmaker caught outside of local Planned Parenthood with a loaded gun

But don’t worry, he wasn’t planning anything crazy. He was just stalking a woman he went on a date with: Hackbarth, R-Cedar, is in his eighth term representing District 48A. He represents Elk River, Oak Grove and East Bethel and … Continue reading

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Why NPR did the right thing

Juan Williams wasn’t, to the contrary of the majority of the opposition’s opinion, fired from NPR because of anything that has to do with free speech. Juan Williams made the mistake of allowing his opinion on a controversial issue to … Continue reading

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Vintage blog-rant: Rant about Cosmo

In 2006, during the not-quite-but-almost-feminist early years, I went on a rant on my MySpace blog about Cosmo. I was apparently unaware that I was not the first to come to these conclusions about the rag, but I was eager … Continue reading

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