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Women and Wine: A Feminist-Friendly Pairing?

This post is from Most Wine Is Good. I’ll answer the question first, and expound second.  Yes.  The world of wine is certainly an exemplary account of women breaking barriers and uniting for positive change.  The examples are numerous, and … Continue reading

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Vintage blog-rant: Rant about Cosmo

In 2006, during the not-quite-but-almost-feminist early years, I went on a rant on my MySpace blog about Cosmo. I was apparently unaware that I was not the first to come to these conclusions about the rag, but I was eager … Continue reading

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The Bechdel Test for movies

If you aren’t already familiar: Inspired by David K. in the comments: What is your favorite movie that passes the Bechdel test?

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Who comes up with this material?

Near the end of a post talking about a list of 21 Things Women Can Do That Men Can’t April briefly mentions a list of 10 Things That Men Can Do That Women Can’t. Like the list April goes after … Continue reading

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Did the patriarchy write this?

For fun, I will debunk Cosmo’s stupid checklist about what women can do that men can’t. 1. Get pregnant: Sure, guys contribute but they’ll never get as close (literally!) as we get to our own babies. YAY! Everyone I know … Continue reading

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Obligatory Superbowl Ad Post

Only, I’m going to talk about the ones I did like. In this commercial, you have a group of women meeting for their book club. The host’s husband comes downstairs and says goodbye, as he’s off to do something more … Continue reading

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Learning Feminism from Cable TV

this is a post by Kissie Catastrophe. Hey kids- long time no see! I’ve been a little busier than I’d like to be, so must apologize for my absence. In the rare moments of freedom I’ve had, I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

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