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Women and Wine: A Feminist-Friendly Pairing?

This post is from Most Wine Is Good. I’ll answer the question first, and expound second.  Yes.  The world of wine is certainly an exemplary account of women breaking barriers and uniting for positive change.  The examples are numerous, and … Continue reading

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How to make your relationship better: pretend you live in the 1950’s!

As women have begun to be more present in high-earning careers such as business and law, among others, more and more articles are published about how (heterosexual) women can’t find men to form relationships with who aren’t intimidated, or made … Continue reading

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Who can be a feminist?

Ballgame from FeministCritics posted his rebuttal to a widely-viewed comic in the feminist blogosphere. About the original comic, Ballgame says, I’ve always thought it was pretty obnoxious, and tended to take it a bit personally. I mean, how many ‘feminist … Continue reading

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What I’m Reading

I’ve been really busy with school, planning this “surprise, we got married and didn’t tell you for a year” party, and trying to manage all the “wait, so you got married? When?” and the “Huh?” and the “…Wait, what’s your … Continue reading

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Learning Feminism from Cable TV

this is a post by Kissie Catastrophe. Hey kids- long time no see! I’ve been a little busier than I’d like to be, so must apologize for my absence. In the rare moments of freedom I’ve had, I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

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On jokes

I’m not a regular reader of Shakesville, but I link-surf my way into their turf every so often. Today I managed to do so again, and found myself reading a very perfect analysis of humor, and why some things are … Continue reading

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On Language, Speaking, & Writing

Ultimately, I am a supporter of inclusive language, but I have my share of reservations every so often, due to not wanting to give up a frequently-used word or descriptor, or due to disagreements I have with the defining of … Continue reading

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