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We don’t need no education

Well, I don’t really believe that. At all. But I am starting to wonder if it is at all necessary to participate in said education in a brick and mortar building. Of course, lots of people before me have pondered … Continue reading

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More TED love– why science denial is dangerous

I know I’ve posted a lot of “look at this link” posts lately, but I couldn’t not share this. Discussions about anti-vaccinators and other topics. I was partially on the anti-vaccination bandwagon, too. I’m not sure how I feel about … Continue reading

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Can science answer moral questions?

It’s about 23 minutes long, but well worth it: I think he’s on to something, but that it ends up going in circles, and there’s no real answer to the questions he’s asking, and he doesn’t attempt to answer them. … Continue reading

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